Draper Utah Has Some Fine Restaurants And Some Delicious Food

Wouldn’t you agree that Utah and its unique landscape has to be one of the most beautiful states in the country? We have been virtually visiting different restaurants throughout the state, and this time, the city is going to be Draper, Utah. Draper has 143 restaurants currently according to a travel review site, and we are going to visit four of the best in the city. What is really cool is that the first two restaurants represent a common theme in Utah, breakfast and barbecue.

The first restaurant in Draper that we are going to visit is Goodwood Barbecue Company on East 12300 South. In case you had any doubt, it is ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork, prime rib and everything else you would expect. They also serve up turkey, and I believe it was Kansas that I remember having that on common with Utah. They don’t serve up any turkey off the pit in Texas. But hey, you are in Utah, and this is your place for barbecue in Draper.

You know breakfast is coming up next, and that’s not all you get at Penny Ann’s Cafe. They evidently have some great pies, and reviewers definitely mention having pie for breakfast. The restaurant is located on East 12300 South just like the other restaurant. You ought to certainly be used to that by now after virtually traveling around with me to these cities as I have mentioned previously.

Pirate O’s is the next restaurant up in Draper, and it can be found on South 700 East, so yes, we made it to a different road. Again, you have to appreciate Utah and all of its rural scenery. Now, what can be found at Pirate O’s? Reviews talk about pasta and sandwiches, and there is also a grocery store. It sounds like a really neat place.

Okay we have time for one more restaurant in Draper UT. It is called Zupa’s, and it is located on the same street as the first two restaurants. This establishment serves up Wisconsin cauliflower and chocolate covered strawberries for starters. Now isn’t that unique? You will find all kinds of great eats at Zupa’s and these other three restaurants in Draper, Utah. Join me next time for a visit to some more fine establishments that the state and its great cities have to offer. I bet you there will be breakfast and barbecue for sure!